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About My Photography

I love to explore the hills and spend time in nature as it provides an endless source of inspiration for my work. My photography allows me to celebrate the beauty of nature and the magic of natural light on the landscape, while sharing these with viewer.

The beginning and end of the day provide the best moments for incredible light and colour. To attain that perfect moment involves a lot of pre planning, patience and dedication. Often getting up at midnight and walking through the night to catch the dawn light - not just once but many times.

My photographs are created sometimes by pre-visualising light on the landscape, others are taken by responding to unexpected opportunities of light and of “being in the right place at the right time”. However the light and colours in my colour photography are ‘as seen’ at the time of exposure. No colour filters or digital manipulation have been used to modify the natural light.

I believe that a combination of light, weather and timing will result in nature providing stunning conditions for me to witness.

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